About JSC

Jet Service China Success ( JSC) is a ground handling company with offices based in the 3 major China cities, Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. We provide China landing/over-fly permit, ground handling, fuel at all airports in China.

We are the most experienced and professional ground handling service provider in China. Mr. Joe Chen, General Manager of JSC, used to work for CAAC for 17 years and has 15 years experience of business aviation services. Most of JSC staffs had enormous experience of coordinating with CAAC and various government departments and arranging services for corporate and executive flights in a timely manner for the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games.

We would be most happy if you compare our services and prices with other agents. Just use JSC. We will handle your requirements with enthusiasm, respect and tenacity.

Since 17 DEC 2013, CAAC has performed new regulations on foreign private/business flight operating into China. The slot for ZBAA/ZSPD/ZSSS is now extremly limited during 0600LT - 2359LT daily. If you have not received the new regulation notice from us, please contact ops@jscchina.com .

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